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Chords – Music  Artist  Radio WordPress theme free download

With Chords you can build any entertainment related website (and more). Specifically designed for entertainers, solo artists, bands, event organizers, radio stations and all kinds of performers.

** 21 June 2016 (1.6)
* FIXED: Event taxonomy template wouldn't sort by event date.
* FIXED: Sorting on event category listing pages did not work when isotope was enabled.
* ADDED: Introduced ci_theme_get_allowed_tags() utility function for use with wp_kses()
* FIXED: Added conditional to protect WP_OAuth classes from being redeclared.
* ADDED: Icon for Weather Options panel tab (where available).
* UPDATED: Fontawesome v4.6.1
* UPDATED: Font Awesome v4.6.2
* UPDATED: Font Awesome v4.6.3
* FIXED: Style account page for WooCommerce 2.6
* FIXED: Brought some template files up to date for WooCommerce 2.6
* FIXED: Updated versions of WooCommerce templates content-product.php and content-product_cat.php
* FIXED: Replaced instances of global $woocommerce object with WC() where applicable.
* FIXED: Replaced calls to $woocommerce->cart->get_cart_url() with wc_get_cart_url() where applicable.
* FIXED: CSSIgniter is now linked on the default footer text.
* Updated lang files.
* Changed version to 1.6

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