• Large File Uploads
  • Earn Money with Premium Upgrades
  • Document Previews
  • Detailed File Statistics
  • Payment Options – Paypal and Stripe
  • Limit Download Speeds for Users
  • Secure Script and Quick Support
  • Set File Download Limitations


  • PHP version 5.3+
  • MySQL version 5+, needs 1 database
  • PHP PDO MySQL Extension
  • PHP GD Extension (normally enabled as standard)
  • Apache with Rewrite Module or Nginx
  • A Web Browser that supports HTML 5 / Javascript (IE9+, FireFox, Safari, Chrome)

Demo Admin Account/Area

You can see a demo of admin area by logging in with username: admin and password: password, note that destructive actions like deleting and editing are disabled on demo site and admin account will be reset every day.

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