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Plugin liMarquee WP allows you to display different html content in your page in a continuous ticker, and gives a lot of opportunities to manipulated this content.


  • Draggable
  • Touch
  • Responsive
  • Mobile Adaptation
  • Pouse and Play
  • Different directions of movement
  • Stop when hover
  • Pause when scroll
  • XML support
  • Adding content
  • Callback functions
  • Full content controls

Quick Start

To add a plug-in to the site you need to walk a only 3 steps:

  • 1. Install the plugin «liMarquee.zip» in WordPress administration panel.
  • 2. Add HTML code or add shortcode [limarquee] with a unique class name to the code of site page.
  • 3. Call the plug-in by specifying the class name on the plugin settings page or adding initialization code directly on the page of the site

Plugin Insallation

Description of plugin installation

Video tutorial of plugin installation

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