A “guess the picture” game but with a twist !
Try to figure out what the hell is on the old rusty tv.
Collect as much coins as possible because they’ll help you unlock the mystery.
Start quizzing now !

Main Features

  • More than 150 Levels
  • Easy to add more levels
  • Easy to translate


  • Only languages that are written left-to-right are supported.
  • All the pictures used in this game are public domain.


Buyer FAQ

  • Can I include my company branding and logo ?
    Absolutely. Our games come ready with a custom loader screen.All you have to do is place your own splash screen, logos, etc.
  • Can I modify the source code of the game ?
    Yes. We provide the source code so you can have full control of the game at anytime.
  • How many domains can I upload the game on to ?
    You can deploy on an unlimited domain or subdomains.
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