This Is A Game when You Try To Find Your Own Pet In The Game, Your Trying To Make Him A Better Person
This Game IS an easy game to use

• Can you add facebook/twitter button for shared score?
I don’t plan to do that right now as sharing wouldn’t work properly while testing the game.

• Is there a way to monetize it?
Admob is incorporated in the game. In order to set your own admob add properly follow the instructions that is part of the purchased game.

• Do you plan to add leaderboard?
Not right now, maybe in some of the updates in future.

• How can I reset the highest score in minigames?
You have to uninstall the game and install it all over again.

• Can I change the graphics of the game?
Yes. You can change single items by replacing the games in the folder /html5/images/ or simply in the Costruct 2 program. You can find more detailed instructions in the documentation, which is part of the purchased game.

• Can I use the game in html5 format?
Yes! The html5 version of the game is included in the package.

• Do I need Construct 2 for this to use ?
Yes, if you want to change some things in the game, or set your admob ID.

• Is construct 2 paid?
Yes, Construct 2 is paid. There is one free version, but it’s limited and you can’t edit this game.

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