Want an instant preview of a Virtuemart product on the listing page, then you should install “Product Quick View for Virtuemart” on your site.

Many shoppers want to take a quick look at the product details when they are browsing on the product listing page.

The Product Quick View for Virtuemart extension will not only reduces their shopping time but it also brings a convenient shopping experience.
That’s why your Virtuemart website should include this function.

We’ve developed excellent Virtuemart templates to work with your Joomla templates as well as keep current Virtuemart modules safe. The Quicklook functionality is a Virtuemart plugin, so you can install it into your current Virtuemart website and have a Quicklook feature immediately.

Preview the product page on the category page.
The Quick look extension gives store visitors ability to preview the product page on the category page. Just hover mouse cursor over product image “Quick View” button will appear click on the button to view product page in a pop-up window.

Zoom effect.
Zoom Effect is intergrated on Quickview Extension gives you Nice zoom effect to main picture and additional pictures pop-up quick look.

Full product information on pop-up quick look.
With a small pop-up your customer can easy review all information about product: images, customer review, description, price, message from owner also they can add product to cart if they love it.

Easily customize pop-up content.
Admin can easy customize quick look pop-up content:
– Show Rating Yes/No
– Show Prices Yes/No
– Show Custom Fields Yes/No
– Show Cart Yes/No
– Show PDF, Email, “Print” icon Yes/No

Easily customize pop-up size.
Admin can easy customize pop-up size suitable with your store.

Easily customize quick look button style.
Admin can easy customize quick look button style:
– Background color
– Text color
– Text content
– Button position
– Effect

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