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Android game built on the top of LibGDX framework, Can be opened on Android Studio, Intellij IDEA, or Eclipse. All graphics are png files, you can create them by any image editor. Character animations are using spritesheet

Included full graphics source (svg format/vector)

Levels are designed using a free tool Tiled Map Editor

Android Features

– Included ads wrapper:

  • Admob
  • Chartboost
  • StartApp
  • AdBuddiz

– Google In-App purchase

  • Remove Ads

– Google analytics to measure user engagement, acquisition, events, etc

Game Features

– Player
jump, stomp, throw weapon

– 3 enemy types :

  • walking
  • throwing bullet
  • flying (up and down)

– Hazards:

  • Homing missile
  • Rolling stones

– Items:

  • coins
  • mystery box (contains: coin, weapon, or enemy)
  • weapon / bones
  • moving platform (vertically, horizontally, or combination)
  • sublevel, enter with the door that optionally have key, so player should find the key first
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